Monday, July 26, 2010

My Running must haves!


Can a sneaker change your life?  Well it did for me.
The Asics Gel Kayano are, in my opinion the best running shoe available and well worth the investment of @ 140.00.
Before I discovered the Asic Kayanos, I suffered from on and off again tendinitis in my ankle and lateral knee pain. Kayanos help you consistently strike the ground correctly and adjust for overpronation.
Now, my ankles and knees feel great. You can feel the difference as soon as you put them on and take your first few steps.
Asics are available at most sporting stores and nicer department stores like Von Maur and Nordstrom. or go to their website for more info


This piece of equipment helped to stop the terrible lateral knee tightness I use to
get after about 20 minutes of running.
Many women tend to have lateral knee pain when they run due to the angle that their quadriceps cross from their hip joint to their knee. One way to combat this pain is to roll out your leg muscles with a foam roller.
After running, when your muscles are warm and loose (never do any stretching with cold muscles) lie down with your hip on top of roller and legs stretched out. Put your hands on the floor in front of you and roll your leg over the roller down the side of your leg from your hip to your knee. Slowly, go back and forth a few times.
Your muscles will probably feel tight so take it slow and stop if it is too painful.
Repeat on the other leg. You can then roll out your quadriceps, hamstrings and shins in the same manner. Do this 2-3 times a week after you run.
*Make sure to get your physicians clearance before doing any roller exercises.*

  You can order these online at

3. Nike Plus Sportsband
 This is really fun and helps keep you on track with your goals.  
The Nike Plus Sportsband tracks the time, miles and speed you run. It also tells the calories burned ( although this will be an estimate). It is perfect if you don't want to spend @ $300.00 on a higher end Garmin. It retails for about  $60.00
It comes with a wrist band that holds the Nike plus (see picture to right)
and a sensor (below) .
  The only drawback is that if you do not use the Nike sneakers that have a space in the sole to put the sensor, you will have to attach it to your sneakers in a different way.
  You can find some holders online (just google Nike sensor holder) that sell for about $10.00 or you can make one yourself. It's not hard, you just have to figure out the best system for you.
   I put mine in a small ziplock bag, securing it with an elastic band and attached it to the top of my laces with an elastic band and a little tape. It sounds cumbersome but it really isn't. That way it lays flat on the top of your foot (its super light, you can't even feel it) and it measures your steps accurately.
  Then when your done with your run, you can sync the Nike plus into your usb port. You create an account on the Nike running web site and then you can save all of your runs, make comments about them and set goals for yourself.  Nike plus has great training advice. It also has this really cool mapping feature where you can actually map your run with your streets and it helps you figure out how far you are running before you go out. That way, you can see if your sensor is accurate.
If it isn't accurate, there is a way to adjust it.
You can find out more about the Nike Plus Sportsband at click here for sportsband info You can purchase it at Dicks Sporting Goods Stores, online or at other sporting goods stores.

Do you use any of my favorite running things? Do you have any of your own? Let me know! I'd love to try them out!

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