Saturday, July 31, 2010

Organic Puerh Tea, A Healthy and Satisfying Alternative to Coffee

If you are looking to kick your coffee habit, or just cut it down to a couple cups a day... Puerh tea is a great alternative.

 Puerh tea's history dates back 2000 years in China. It is made from a variety of old wild tea trees called "broad leaf" which are grown in the Yunnan Mountains. Once the leaves are picked they are fermented. This is a top secret process and is highly guarded by the Chinese tea growers. After the fermentation is complete, the tea  is
aged for a few months to several years.
  Puerh's taste is different then other teas because it has a rich, full bodied feel similar to a Cabernet Wine. There is a delicious Umami flavor when you drink it, which adds to its savoriness and satisfying experience.
  Puerh tea is now becoming trendy in the US, which is a good thing because it makes it easier to find. (It's the first year I saw it at the National Restaurant Association's food show)
 Even though we are just learning about it's health benefits,  people around the world have know about them for many years!

  Puerh is so healthy for you because it's unique fermentation process creates Polyphenols, Statin,  Catechins and Probiotics within the tea. It even has more antioxidants than green tea.
Plus it can help with weight management and  lower cholesterol!

 Numi is my favorite brand of organic tea and it makes a fabulous Puerh tea line. They have different flavors and ways to make it. The easiest is in the tea bag form ( picture of box shown above) and the varieties include Emperor's Puerh (organic Black Tea which is great to use as a substitute for your morning cup of coffee, and has about half the caffeine) , Magnolia Puerh, Mint Puerh and a Chocolate Puerh. (which makes a great pick me up and low calorie mid afternoon treat! )

 You can also buy it in a cool brick form which you steep with boiling water .     See picture to the right.  If you would like to find out more about Numi's Puerh Tea, check out their website at . It is available at Whole Foods Market.

 If you try it, let me know how you like it!

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