Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rewrite your Story

    We all have a story that we have created about ourselves.
   It usually includes significant experiences from our past, what we have gone through and where we are now.
   This story defines who we are. It includes good and bad images of ourselves such as,

  Once we have those definitions in place, it becomes hard to break free of them, especially as we get older. Some things that prevent us from changing may be fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or  fear of ridicule.  It may be, we believe the people who love us might start to see us differently and then start to feel differently towards us. We might feel differently about ourselves.  Changing might mean we aren't being true to ourselves.  

   When we want to lose weight, it goes to the core of who we feel we are.  The desire to want to be fit and healthy,  is scary because if we achieve it, we may feel we will no longer know how to define ourselves.  Even if it is a change for the better, it is unknown and uncomfortable.
    So we try many diets over the years but they all fail.
    We make excuses for not exercising.
    We say we have no will power.
    We say it's because we don't have the time, energy or money to eat right and exercise, but is it? 
    Sometimes we feel we have lived like this for so long, if we start now, will it make us feel worse about all of that time we've wasted being overweight?
.  We sabotage ourselves.

  I recently bumped into someone that lost weight after years of saying that they wanted to lose weight but never seemed to be able to achieve it.  I asked them, what finally did it for you? A new diet book?  New exercise gadget?  What was it I wondered? 
  They said,
 "I just decided I was ready to make a change"
   Simple. (but not really...)

  So if you are thinking about losing weight, ask yourself,  do you really want to? Why do you want it?  Do you want to embrace the change that will come with it?  Are you ready to see yourself differently and show others that although you have changed somethings, you are still you.  

 It is never too late to go after something we always wanted but never tried for.
 We are never too old to decide who we are.
  It is never too late to rewrite our story.

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