Thursday, July 15, 2010

Steal a piece of the day!

Every May I think the same thing, when school gets out I will have so much extra time to workout! ( and clean! ) But, as the weeks pass by, I realize that between my clients and my full time job as “chauffeur” and “activity director” for my kids,  I’m busier than I was during the school year!
  Does this sound familiar?
  So when do we have time to fit in our workouts?
  Well,  I decided the answer to this dilemma is to steal a piece of the day just for myself! I’ve been waking up at 5AM  as the sun starts to rise and go for a run! Or strength train! Now, I know some of you are way! Not gonna happen, I'm just not a morning person. I totally understand that! However when you want something badly enough, like finally getting into shape, you have to start to look at your life in a new way. Change things up!
  Here are some great benefits to waking up early to exercise…
* Your motivation to work out is a limited resource. It is highest in the morning and lowest toward the end of the afternoon and evening. So take advantage of it!
* You set yourself up to eat clean all day when you workout early! After working out you will feel energized to feed your body healthy food to supplement all of the hard work you already did!
* You feel like you accomplished something great all day, and it makes you feel really good about yourself.
* Even though you woke up extra early, you feel energized all day!
* Early morning is the coolest time of the day in the summer and the safest time to workout outdoors when it is hot.
* Waking up early in the summer is easier than in the winter because it is warm and light out. So if you start now, it will become a habit by the time winter comes around.
*Watching the sunrise is awesome! Plus there are lots of bunnies out early and its fun to see them!
 Here are some tips to make working out early easier….
1. Get your workout clothes ready the night before.
2. Go to bed around 10 so that you get enough sleep to feel energized once you wake up.
3. Have some great music ready to listen to!
4. Ask a friend to go running with you. Getting up early is easier when you know someone else is doing it too! You can keep each other motivated because you know the other is depending on you!
5. Keep an exercise journal. Write down what exercises you did and how you felt. You can even write out goals you have for the coming week so that you keep yourself motivated. It feels great to look back over a couple weeks of journaling and see all that you have accomplished.
So why not give it a try tomorrow morning! Leave your husbands and kids sleeping and hit the road!
Do you work out in the morning? How do you like it? Do you have any tips on making it easier for other women? Let me know how it goes for you!

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