Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two important indicators to help you determine whether you need to lose weight for your health…

  Your health is one of the many important reasons to change your lifestyle!
  Calculating your BMI and Waist Circumference are two easy ways to start to get an idea if your weight might be affecting your health. Being overweight or obese can lead to diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer.
  BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a calculation of your body composition using your weight and height. One shortcoming to the BMI calculation is that it uses a total body weight equation (meaning it does not separate fat percentage from muscle mass percentage) so, if you are a super fit athlete with tons of huge bulging muscles, your BMI might indicate that you are overweight when you aren’t. However, for the rest of us, BMI is a very useful tool to assess if our weight is a healthy one. Here is a link to an easy to use BMI calculator. Just plug in your height and weight and it will give you your BMI. BMI CALCULATOR. For math wonks, you can also do the equation yourself by dividing your weight (kg) squared/height (meters) squared.
underweight   < 18.5
normal weight18.5- 24.9
overweight25.0- 29.9
Grade 1 obesity30.0- 34.9
Grade 2 obesity35.0-39.9
Grade 3 obesity>40
The second method of assessing if you are overweight and at a health risk, is your waist circumference. Women with waist measurements more than 30 inches display heart disease twice as frequently as slimmer women; and women with waist circumferences above 35 inches display elevated cardiovascular profiles. It is also a sign of abdominal obesity. This type of fat is a  health risk because fat in the abdomen is more easily utilized by the body and carried into the bloodstream, which increases its disease related blood fat levels.
To measure your waist, take a cloth tape measure and measure around your stomach where your belly button is.
  These two measurements are meant to help you start to think about some of the changes you might want to make in your life. If you are concerned by your numbers   consult your physician for a further check up and advice.

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