Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dream it, See it, Be it

   How do you make the leap from dream to reality?
   You must begin to believe that the dream is possible.
  And we all know that seeing is believing.
  Everyone has something unique that will motivate them to finally make the change to eat clean and exercise.
What keeps me from eating chocolate cake everyday, is different from what will keep you from doing the same.  Our dreams for ourselves are individual and very personal as is our journey to achieve them.

  I am a visual learner. I understand things best when I read about them or see them. I love to make lists and I can never have enough calendars with dates and times of upcoming events filled in.
  That's why I love to have my clients create a

                                                       VISION BOARD

when we first start working together.

 What is a vision board?
A vision board is a collage or collection of pictures and quotes of people, things and ideas that are  motivational and inspirational to you. 

  How to make one...
 1. Get a piece of poster board or paper to put your collage on. It can be any size or color that you would like. (it doesn't have to be big, it can even be just a sheet of 8 x 11 paper)
 2. Look through some magazines or online and cut out/print pictures of women that you think look similar to the way you would like to look or are doing something (like running or lifting weights) that you would like to do.
 3. Cut out pictures of foods that you want to make a regular part of your clean eating diet.
 4. Find a picture of something you might buy yourself as a reward for achieving one of your first stage goals. For example, if you eat clean and exercise regularly for one month, you will buy yourself some new fun eyeshadow. Find and print/cut out a picture of the eyeshadow or whatever you want to make as your treat.
 5. Find quotes that you find motivating and print them out. You can also use lyrics to a song that make you feel good. Or if there is something that you want to say to yourself for example " I can do it" or  "This is the time" type it and print it.
 6. If you have a picture of yourself at a time in your life that you looked and felt really good, you can put that on.
 7.  Lastly be creative and put all of those pictures and words together on your board/paper. Hang it somewhere that you often feel susceptible to either giving up on your plan to workout or eat clean for the day. Or put it somewhere that your mind might wander to negative thoughts about yourself, like maybe your workdesk or bedroom mirror.

 By creating a visual, concrete representation of your dreams for yourself , you will help your mind bridge the gap between dreaming it and being it!

Let me know if you create a vision board or if you already have one. If you would like, I would love for you to  share some of the pictures and quotes that you find inspiring,  because they might help some other people!!

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