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Drew Carey Did It (the right way) and You Can Too!



                                                                                                         Drew Carey
  I love this quote.

  Drew Carey put this quote on his bathroom mirror after he had been eating clean and exercising for about 6 months, losing around 3lbs a week. He ran his first 10k in 25 years and decided to celebrate with an ice cream, and pizza. And over the next few days, more pizza. He gained a few pounds and felt sick. It was then that it really hit home that eating bad food makes you feel bad.
               Read Drew Carey's inspirational story here in this week's Parade Magazine.
  Drew Carey is a comedian that has been around for a long time, doing comedy and hosting game shows. His story is similar to a lot of peoples'. In his twenties he was in the Marines and in great shape. When he left the Marines, his weight slowly crept up. With each size he gained, he thought of new ways to accept his new size, in his mind. However, he felt depressed and tired all of the time. Nine years ago after he was diagnosed with heart disease and needed a stent put into his artery, he decided to eat better and exercise and he lost weight. But when his mother got ill in 2002, he was under enormous stress and put his new eating habits and exercise to the side and began eating unhealthy food again. His weight increased to it's highest in November 2002 at 262 lbs.
   Despite a litany of health issues caused by his obesity,  it wasn't until he couldn't keep up with his fiances son, and the realization that he might not live to see him graduate high school, that he decided to finally make a change. He hired a personal trainer and nutritionist, changed his mindset and eating habits (to a totally clean eating program (click here to see how you can eat that way)) and began exercising 6 days a week. He has now lost 77 lbs!!!
    What I love about Drew's story is that it is so relatable. He has always been a really likable, funny guy. He struggled with food and stress as we all do. He had numerous health issues related to his weight and he felt tired and frustrated with himself.  His father and brother died from obesity related illnesses. Drew saw his future and decided that he did not want that for himself and the people who love him. He realized that his only option was to absolutely change the way he ate and worked out in order to save his life. He didn't rely on surgery, fad diets or diet pills, he did it with hard work and determination.

  Here are some take aways that you can incorporate into your life from Drew's fabulous accomplishment:
1.  Change the way you eat completely. Drew went from a diet filled with fast food, soda, excessive calories and fat to eating clean everyday!
2. Reach out for help when you need it. When Drew felt he could not do it on his own he hired a personal trainer and nutritionist to help him create an exercise and nutrition program to meet his goals and keep him focused and hold him accountable.
3.  Begin an exercise program, but do it at a safe level. Drew began doing 30 minutes a day at a moderate intensity and worked his way up to 60 minutes. He started walking and now he runs 10ks.  If you have not exercised in a long time it is very important to add exercise into your daily life to lose weight, but you have to start at a level that is challenging yet appropriate and safe for you. As you get stronger, continue to increase the intensity to constantly continue to shock your body to help you lose weight.
4. Set goals for yourself. Drew set a long term goal of losing 92 lbs. He also set a goal of running a 10 k. He has lost 77 lbs and has given himself until Oct 31 to lose the last 15lbs. Setting realistic, time bound goals for yourself is key to losing weight. They keep you motivated and focused. When setting goals, think about a long term goal for yourself such as "I want to lose X amount of pounds." Give yourself a realistic time frame to lose that weight. Losing 1-2 lbs a week is a healthy amount to lose. Then make smaller goals for yourself to keep you motivated and give yourself a feeling of accomplishment as you work toward your bigger goal. An example of a short term goal is "This week I will walk at an intense pace for 25 minutes, adding 1 minute to my daily time from last week; and I will eat clean everyday bringing my lunch and snacks to work with me" Keep a record of what you accomplish everyday. Remember to continually set new goals for yourself.
5. Know that there will be times that you might not eat perfectly, and when you do slip up, don't go crazy and give yourself permission to eat everything in sight. Get right back to eating clean your next meal (not the next day or week). Drew has times when he eats a piece of pizza or fatty snack, but he doesn't eat the entire pizza anymore or the gallon of ice cream. And now he starts eating clean right after that.
6. Write words of inspiration for yourself  like Drew did.  Post them around your house, car and office to remind yourself that you are worth the effort! Click here to see how to make a vision board for yourself.
7. Make eating clean and exercising part of your job! Drew explains that he realized eating clean and working out "isn't an extra thing to do, I told myself I'm going to make this part of my job" You can do this by scheduling time for yourself to workout. Don't schedule other things during the times you have set aside for your workouts!!!  Plan your clean eating for the entire week on the weekend and buy all of the food you will need. Prep the food you can ahead of time. Make meals such as soup, or fritattas, that you can just heat and eat!

 8. Think of a reason to make the change that is critically important to your life and keep that in mind when you are not feeling strong. Drew's motivation to finally change was inspired by his desire to be around for someone else in his life that needs him. If you can not think of a motivation to change your life within yourself, think of someone who loves and needs you and save your life for them. Be the change you want, for your children.

  I hope you found Drew Carey's weight loss story as inspirational as I did.  Take from it the knowledge that you can achieve your weight loss goals, whether it is 10lbs or 100 lbs, if you finally make the decision to put yourself first.

                                                                       YOU'RE WORTH IT!

 I wish Drew good luck in achieving his goal of losing his final 15 lbs, I know he will, and I wish him a long and healthy life surrounded by the people he loves!

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