Monday, September 6, 2010


                              This weeks challenge...     
                            Stop eating refined grains                                       
   This includes all white rice, pasta, breads, crackers and cereals made from white flour.


   What are refined grains?
    Food manufacturers refine grains in order to extend a products shelf life. In order to do this, they strip the wheat or grain of all of its bran and germ, which can go bad in a relatively short period of time.  When they do this, they also get rid of all of the vitamins, minerals and fiber from the grain. The government tells them they must then put these nutrients back into the finished product. That is why you see the word "enriched" on these products' food labels.

**  Enriched seems like a healthy word, but it is actually a red flag that these products are not good for you! These products also always have tons of sugar, salt, fat and chemicals added to them.***

  Why will refined grains make you gain weight?
 These "white" refined carbohydrate products are very easily digested and create a huge spike in blood glucose and insulin making your pancreas work harder. Consequently you will continue to feel hungry and overeat because the insulin is continually taking the glucose out of your bloodstream. Overtime, a diet high in refined carbs will exhaust your pancreas and will wreck your metabolism and can cause diabetes.

   Eating white products will lead to fat storage and will decrease your ability to burn fat even when you exercise regularly!

  But....Whole grains stimulate a much lower insulin response. They will keep you fuller longer so you don't over eat. They  are also full of essential vitamins and nutrients that we need to stay healthy. A diet high in whole grains decreases your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Besides making us fat, eating white products is disgusting because the food manufacturers actually BLEACH the flour to make it white, with chemicals such as: oxide of nitrogen, chlorine, chloride, nitrosyl and benzoyl peroxide mixed with various chemical salts. Do you really want those in your body???

Reading food labels:
When you are choosing a whole grain product, you must read the nutritional label on the package carefully and not simply rely on the front of the package where it might say "Whole grain...." or "Whole Wheat".... The words whole grain, whole wheat, stone ground, bran, seven grain...etc... do not mean the product is 100 percent whole grain.  The law only requires that products labeled as "whole"  have 51 percent whole grain, which isn't a true whole grain product. Think of the front of a food package as a commercial for the food, very often it is saying things to trick you into thinking it is a healthy choice.

 So in order to ensure that you are truly buying a whole grain product, look for the words "100 percent whole _"in the ingredient list.

 Here are some delicious whole grains that you can replace your refined products with...
wild rice
brown rice
whole wheat
whole oats
whole rye

There are countless varieties and brands of whole grains available to choose from. Keep trying different ones to find your favorites! And the great thing is you don't have to go to a specialty store to buy them. 

         Getting rid of refined carbs in your diet is key to losing weight and being healthy; and you will find that once you start eating only whole grains, you will feel and look much better.

 Let me know some of your favorite whole grain products!
 Also let me know how have you been doing with the fall eat clean challenge. Is there one thing that you had to change that has been most difficult? I'ld love to hear any tips you might like to share with others!
Good luck this week.

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