Wednesday, September 15, 2010


There are 10 weeks until Thanksgiving!
Don't worry, I'm not going to start singing Christmas Carols... yet
I am going to help you set and achieve some exciting goals!
Do you realize that you can lose 10-20 lbs by Thanksgiving?!

                 But only if you get focused about eating clean and exercising intensely. Click here to find out how to up your intensity at any fitness level!
    Remember, losing just 10 pounds can lower your blood pressure by 10%, lower your risk for certain cancers and heart disease and 10 lbs is about 1 dress size! If you need to lose more, it's a great first goal.  When you achieve it you will know you can do anything you set your mind to. If you need to lose less, your goal is very doable in 10 weeks. You will also be able to increase your strength and cardio endurance a lot no matter how much you lose.
                          Read how it's not too late to rewrite your story!

First, lets review what we have focused on for the last 3 weeks... and then talk about where we should go from here.

I have challenged you to give up:   Your favorite unhealthy snack food
                                                              Fast food
                                                              Refined grains   

I have also asked you to add:      A healthy breakfast everyday
                                                       Whole Grains
                                                     Drink more water                                                   
             How have you done? Don't forget this is an ongoing process of making these challenges a daily habit. It will take time. Some weeks you will do all of the things really well, and some days you might slip up. That's OK. If you do, just start right back on track with your next meal or snack. Don't wait for the next day or week to start eating clean again or  if you missed a workout, exercising again.           
                                             THIS WEEKS CHALLENGE

        Give up unhealthy saturated and transfats and replace them with healthy fats. It is important that we have about 25% of our diet be from healthy fats.
   What's the difference between unhealthy and healthy fats?
   Well, saturated fats are found mainly in animal products such as fatty meats, butter, whole fat milk and whole fat cheese. Transfats are in foods that are made with hydrogenated vegetable oil and are found in most processed foods.Transfats have actually been shown to be more unhealthy than regular saturated fats because they raise bad LDL cholesterol while they lower "good" HDL cholesterol. NEVER EAT ANYTHING WITH TRANSFAT!!!! Treat it like it's poison, because it is!
           Foods to stay away from ALWAYS are:
                        FRIED FOODS such as  chips, fries, tempura, Chinese stir fry...(bummer I know)
                        Processed foods such as cookies, cakes crackers,gravies,dessert toppings,salad dressings and candy.
                        Cocoa Butter
                        Cream Cheese
                        Ice Cream
                        Palm Kernel Oil
                        Whole Milk (products)
  But all is not lost!!!
  You can eat yummy monounsaturated and some polyunsaturated fats, which taste great and are belly fat fighters. However, remember that even though they are healthy fats, they still pack a punch at 9kcal/gram so watch your portion size and calorie totals. Read package info to decide how much you are going to eat.  You don't need to eat what the package says is the serving size if it is too many calories for you. Just cut the serving in half.
Here are some good fats to put into your diet.
These fats raise your HDL (you want to have at least a 40 for your HDL and most beneficial is 60 HDL)
 Olive Oil (best choice)
 Canola Oil
 Almonds (if you're not allergic, 10 non salted per serving)
 These fats lower your LDL and Raise your HDL. They reduce inflammation, decrease the risk of heart disease and heart attack.
   Wild Alaskan Salmon (NOT farmed raised salmon which is very bad for you
    Canola Oil
    Soy oil
    Steamed broccoli
    Walnuts (if not allergic)
They lower both your HDL and LDL
Walnuts (if your not allergic, are the best choice in this category)
Safflower Oil
Sunflower Oil
   If you feel that this list leaves you with nothing to eat check out my clean eating shopping list for some great food choices

Plan out your goals and how you will achieve them.
  First, write down your goal of losing 10-20 lbs in a journal. (or whatever you want your goal to be, it can be less  however don't make it losing more than 2 lbs per week.)
  I know I talk endlessly about keeping an exercise/food/goal journal but that is because it really works!
  One way to keep your goals visible throughout the day is to get one of those big desk calendars from Office Max. The one with the big squares and lines on them. Write down your goal for the month at the top. For example if there are 2 weeks left in September write down
Goal: Lose 2-4 lbs
          Strength Train 2-3 days a week
          Do Cardio 5 days a week
          Eat Clean Everyday by packing lunch for work.
  The key is to be specific about what your goals are for a specific time period. Then, schedule your workouts on the calendar for the next week or two. Also, put them in your ipod/blackberry calendar so that they are real appointments that you will keep and schedule other things around.
   Then plan out what you will eat for the week ahead. Write it down on your big calendar. Make a list of the food you need to buy. Think about where you will be throughout the week and plan on snacks and meals that you can bring with you in a  lunch cooler.  At the end of the day check off what foods you ate that you had planned to eat and add any extra that you may have had. Also, write down information about your workout such as duration, how you felt and what you did.         

  Let me know what your goals are and if you have any questions about how to achieve them. I'm always here to give you advice and support!  Good luck this week! I know you can do it!


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