Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nike + GPS for your Iphone4/Itouch will improve your run!


         My favorite new app for my Iphone 4 is the Nike + GPS app. It is only $1.99 and it is sooo coool!

   It allows you to track your distance, pace, time and calories burned! You input your weight, height and gender and it will give you very accurate information. It can also map your route for you.

   One great thing about having this on your iphone or itouch is that it does all this without needing a sensor!
 This is very convenient because if you are using the Nikesportsband, which, for a basic distance tracker, I still really like;  you need to attach the sensor to your shoe.  It's a little bit tricky if you don't wear the special Nike shoes with a built in space for the sensor. (Which I don't, because my heart belongs to Asics.)  A problem with this is is that if it isn't positioned properly your run won't be accurate.

     Here are some of the other awesome features Nike + GPS app does for you....

 You can tag your run right on your phone:
 You can write information about how your run felt, what the weather was like and anything else you wanted to remember about it, all while you are cooling down, when it is fresh in your mind. Instead of having to do it on your computer later when you got back.

  If you want a little encouragement along the way, you can "get cheered on" through Facebook.
 Sometimes its fun to get a little support from your friends.  The app allows you to share your run through Facebook and each time someone "likes" your status or writes a comment, you will hear a real time cheer! How fun! You can also connect your run through twitter.

   A voice, (you can choose a male or female) will  tell you when you have finished a set distance or time (also of your choosing) and how fast you ran it.
 This is great if you keep it in an armband or your pocket and don't want to turn it/or take it out everytime you want to see how far or fast you are going. It also feels very motivational to hear a voice tell you what you are achieving...even if it is a computerized can always pretend it Johnny Depp!

  When you are all done, you can sync your runs wirelessly by tapping "Connect to"
 If you are using the sportsband you have to take the chip and sync it with your computer in order to upload all of your information and it will save all of your info online. You can then set goals by challenging yourself to run farther or longer within a certain period of time. Keeping track of your progress keeps you motivated to continue working harder. 

 Last but not least, you can create a running playlist which connects the app to your music on your phone
 I don't know about you  but I often don't have enough time to go on line and create a new playlist and then sync my ipod each time I want to go for a run. But with this app, all you have to do is go to the settings section, tap "powersongs" and it will take you directly to all of your songs on your Iphone or Itouch! How fun! Then you just select the songs you want to listen to and you are ready to go!! It makes it super easy to create a new playlist each time, right before you go out without any hastle!

 So if you have an Iphone 4 or a Itouch and you want to get something inexpensive to motivate you on your runs, the new Nike+ GPS app is perfect!
 Let me know if you have this app and how you have been using it!