Sunday, February 6, 2011

Heat Up Your Valentine's Day through Exercise!


                    If you are looking for a way to heat up your Valentine's Day,
                               skip the lingerie and put on your sneakers!

 You know that exercise helps people lose weight, but did you know it can improve your sex life??

                                                              OH YEAH!
       Both Cardiovascular exercise and Strength Training, improve your sex life.
            Here's how.....
    1. Exercise improves blood flow to all muscles in the body.
         When you have good blood flow, your sexual function increases.
    2.  Exercise decreases your stress levels.
         When we feel less stressed, our desire for sex increases.
    3. Exercise increases your endurance.
         Increases in endurance means better stamina, in other words, we are able to last longer and be more energetic!
    4.  Exercise helps you to lose weight and build muscle definition.
         When we lose weight and get "toned", we can feel more self confident. Studies have shown that when women feel more confident about the way they look, their sex life improves.
    5.  Exercise increases muscle strength.
        Plain and simple,  you need muscle strength to do what you want to do for longer than a minute.... Enough said.
    6.  Strength Training increases our levels of Endorphins, and hormones such as Testosterone and Adrenaline
        Increasing these levels have been shown to enhance sexual desire and pleasure.   
   7.  Exercise increases body awareness.
       When you exercise, you create a better connection with your body. You enhance your understanding of what your body wants and needs. You also have a greater control of your body in space. In other words, you feel more graceful and in sync with your environment. 
   8. Exercise increases your flexibility.
       I don't really need to explain the benefits of being flexible, do I?
          So, if you want to heat up your Valentine's Day, start working out now.
 Better yet, get your partner to do it with you. That way, you can both enjoy the benefits together, long after Valentines Day is over!!!! Now isn't that better than a box of chocolate?

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