Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School Means Back to Fitness

 The end of summer is always bittersweet. It's hard to say goodbye to extra family time and no homework. But summers are often the busiest time for Moms! All day chauffeuring and acting as the "cruise director"  can be exhausting. Looking back, you may find that you did not do as much exercising as you had planned.
                                                    No Worries!!
                        Here are 5 tips to help you get back to fitness:

  1.Decide what you want your fitness goals for the next 3 months to be and write them down.
 Would you like to lose 12-24lbs before the holidays? Or would you like to just lose the last 5lbs and build muscle. Maybe start running again? Whatever you wish you could accomplish, write it down as a concrete goal.

    2. Assess what your fitness level is:
If you were working out before the summer, and you didn't keep up with it, you probably lost some strength and cardio fitness. Start back at a lower level than you ended with, and slowly progress back to where you were. If you are just starting a fitness program after a long time of not working out, you might want to have someone evaluate the level you are at and give you a plan on how to progress so you can do it safely and effectively.

   3. Schedule daily time to workout:
    Look over your schedule and find time each week that you can workout. Put those times in your calendar. If you are looking over your schedule and are thinking there is just no way to fit in a workout, look again.  You might need to get up earlier than everyone else, you might need to workout on your lunch hour, maybe you can change your morning coffee time with friends into a buddy workout time. You might even need to take an hour when you usually clean the house and make yourself a priority. Say it ain't so!!

Remember working out is important, to your physical and mental well being, and you deserve to take care of yourself!

  30 minutes to an hour a day/ 3-5 days a week, is the recommended amount of time to workout for health and fitness. However, the amount of time and type of your workouts, really depends on your goals. 

Click here to read my blog about the newest ACSM exercise guidelines on how much is enough.

  ***  Many women find that right after dropping off their kids for school, is the best time to workout.  You usually have the most energy at that time of the day. It also ensures that other things won't "pop up" and leave you with no time to squeeze in a workout. Plus, working out in the morning helps you eat clean the rest of the day and makes you feel great.

 4. Become accountable to someone other than yourself.
 Sometimes we will keep a commitment to everyone but ourselves. That is why getting a workout buddy or personal trainer to exercise with, helps keep you on track to success.
 If you don't have anyone to workout with or you prefer to exercise alone, simply telling one supportive friend about your exercise plans, will make you more likely to keep your workout appointments.

 5. Record your workouts in a journal or calendar
 Every night take a few minutes to write down what workouts you did that day, some thoughts about how it went and what you ate.  Keeping track of your exercise and calorie count, can help you stay focused, plan progressions and stay motivated.

 Don't be upset with yourself if you didn't workout the way you had hoped to this summer. Fall is the perfect time to get back to fitness and make all of your dreams a reality.

Let me know what you would like to accomplish and how you are going to make it happen!

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