Saturday, August 20, 2011

Your Laundry Basket Will Never Be Empty

    This week I want to talk about something that I touched on briefly in last week's blog...
                     The importance of working out for both your body and mind.
      For the most part, women are the main caretakers of everyone in their family: kids, husband, parents...pets. They also might have a full/part time job outside of the house in addition to doing the majority of the housework. And of course, women want everything they do to be PERFECT. A clean house, home cooked empty laundry basket!

   So when Mothers think about trying to lose weight, eating right and exercising the first thing they think of is
                         Who has the time????

 As a wife, mom and personal trainer I totally understand that the thought of finding a free 30-60 minutes everyday, that you can devote just to yourself, seems ridiculous. It makes you feel guilty just thinking about it!  However, in order for you to be at your best physically and mentally, you need to spend part of your day nurturing yourself. When you don't, you can feel totally burned out and exhausted.
                     You are not being selfish when you take time to exercise

  Exercise and eating right is not something that you should wait to start when your kids are older.  Exercise can decrease the risk of heart disease, (the number one killer of women) high blood pressure, osteoporosis,  and a third of all cancers. It increases good cholesterol and energy levels. It helps you sleep better and increases your sex drive.  It also decreases stress and increases self esteem. All of these benefits will help you be around longer and stronger to care for the one's you love.
                                          Some ideas for fitting it in

1. Get up early before everyone else does.

2. Workout during the first half of your lunch hour and eat either during the second half or if you can, work out for the entire lunch break and eat at your desk while you work.

3. If you work a few miles from home, run/bike to work and change there. Run/bike back home.

4.  Invest in a treadmill or other cardio machine and workout when you are watching TV in the evenings with your family.
   Strength train in the living room when the kids are watching cartoons in the morning.

5. Change your weekly game night with your girlfriends into a workout night.

6. Postpone housework until later. Radical!
                                     Can we really do that?

   Let's face it, no matter how hard we try, there is always a dish to wash, dust to sweep and the laundry basket will never be empty. Even when we think that we have finally washed the last sock and folded the last towel, (I do love that feeling!) someone comes homes, gets undressed and fills up the basket again! UGH!  So why not lace up your sneakers after you drop the kids off to school and go for a run? Your laundry will be waiting for you when you get home. Plus, if you don't get to it, maybe someone will fold their own socks and put them away for you...or maybe not. Either way, you will feel renewed and ready to deal with it all!

How do you make time for working out? Share your tips with me. I would love to hear them!


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